Mongolia general information
  • 2023.03.04
Mongolia general information
Mongolia is a marvelous country where you can witness an exceptional merger of the ancient culture and mother land of Chinggis Khaan . Mongolia is the only country which has nomadic life style and nomadic way of living. This is land of blue sky and untouched wild nature.

In today's fast changing world, Mongolia is considered as one of the few travel destinations that can offer travelers a beautiful, unspoiled landscapes, ancient customs and traditions which have been kept for centuries. Mongolia is located hidden deep in the heart of Asia between Russia and China. The country is best known as a remote, sparsely populated land, full with wonders of the Mongolian unique scenery, simple nomadic lifestyle and hospitality, little changed through the past millennium.

Mongolia and it's endless steppes, massive ranging mountains, crystal clear lakes and rivers provide variety of activities for both the amateur adventurers interested in exploring the nomadic culture and the experts who have specific dream of adventure in mind.One of the few remaining places where a living history needs no special revival for the tourism industry, Mongolia offers explorers unrivalled hospitality.The Gobi Desert, Khovsgol Lake and Khangai, Khentii Mountain ranges are real home of breathtaking natural wonders.