Naadam Festival of Mongolia

Naadam Festival is the only one of its kind; it is a sophisticated and eloquent expression of nomadic culture, it is the honored celebration of a national independence, and it is an outstanding combination of arts and sports.

Even, the core of the festival – three manly sports – the wrestling, horseracing and archery, embrace many elements of arts, such as singing, dancing and performing.

As the festival is held in every village and town around the country sometime between June and August, one has ample opportunity to experience and enjoy the Naadam festival in Mongolia.  Where to see Naadam all depends on one’s own availability and preferences of the type of the festivities.  

In the capital - Ulaanbaatar, Naadam Festival (so called “National Naadam”) officially starts in the morning of the 11th of July and closes in the evening of the following day. However, ankle-bone shooting and horseracing start 1-2 days earlier than the official Opening Ceremony. 


July 10th 
08:00     National Flag raising ceremony                                  
10:00-11:30     Ceremony dedicated to the Inauguration Ceremony of the President of  Mongolia and National Flag Day 
13:00-13:30     Ceremony of showing respect to the Statue of Chinggis Khan and Wreath laying ceremony to the Statue of D.Sukhbaatar

14:00 Deeltei Mongol festival at the Sukhbaatar square in the center of city. The festival is known for it's colorful traditional ethnic clothing. The festival will include a parade, a ger fair, dance, music and performances.  

July 11th 
09:30    Ceremony of dispatching the “Yesun Khult Tsagaan Tug” or the “Nine White Banners”
20:00-22:00    “The Ulaanbaatar Evening” show 
22:00-23:00    “The Awakening of the Great Nation” multimedia show 

July 12. 
19:00 Naadam Party at the national amusement park 

Performances at the horse race fields - Khui Doloon Khudag
July 11
14:50-15:20    Equestrian show, horse riding parade and horse circus show

July 12
07:50-08:20    Equestrian show, horse riding parade and horse circus show
09:00    Parachute landing show
July 13
11:40-12:10    Equestrian  show, horse riding parade and horse circus show