lunar New Year /TSAGAAN SAR

In Mongolia, the first day of the year is the lunar New Year. Which is Tsagaan Sar, meaning “White moon”. The date of the celebrations is determined according to Lunar Calendar. Tsagaan Sar symbolizes the first day of spring, when winter ends and the temperatures begin to get warmer. It corresponds to January or February in the Gregorian calendar, according to moon phases. 

It’s a great family celebration that lasts for three days. Tsagaan Sar traditions spans several centuries with the tradition of respecting the elders. The Tsagaan Sar preparations starts one month before hand. Families would come together to make several hundred and even thousands of Buuz (traditional steamed dumpling with either beef, Horse meat or Sheep) and Bansh (smaller steamed dumpling). These are usually served to relatives, neighbors and friends that visits the family. During this celebration, the Gers, barns and yards of animals are expected to be spotless. Women also wear and make new deels (traditional Mongolian clothing) for every family member.