We offer assortment of tours:

CULTURAL GETAWAYS – Temples and Treasures, Mongolia Panorama, Festivals of Mongolia, Central Mongolian Highlights, Hunting with Eagle festival 
WESTERN OF MONGOLIA – Mountain treks, Horse Treks
PRIVATE TOURS - Family Tours, Magic of Mongolia  Khuvsgul Lake & Blue Pearl of Mongolia, Mongolia Panorama
SHORT TOURS – Weekend tours, National Parks tour, Day trips, Classic Gobi Desert-Jurassic Park
GROUP TOURS – Best of Mongolia, Discover Mongolia, Beauty of Mongolia, Sands of the Gobi

SPECIAL INTERST TOURS-Biking, Treking, Fishing and more..Photography tours 
One week trips, Saturday to Saturday maximize your time in Mongolia. 
Our packages are all inclusive – transport, food, and accommodation. 
We are available custom packages for individuals and groups. 
From start/to finish, we take care of your holiday planning to suit your budget. 
The arrangements are undertaken by our energetic and experienced professional team with quality services.