in May till end October. This is the convenient and suitable time of the year to travel to Mongolia in terms of weather. Early May can see snowfall, but not cold.

June weather is good and usually dry throughout the central. The northern areas are cold.

July is the time to enjoy for Naadam Festival. This is also the peak tourist season.

July and August is best season to travel Northern Mongolia and Western Mongolia.

September is best season to travel southern Mongolia Gobi Desert.

October is shoulder but we have chance to see Golden Eagle Hunters Festival in Western Mongolia.

The cold season is between November and February. Mongolian winter is interesting to travel by short trips or weekend trips for dog sledging in National Parks around Ulaanbaatar and also have chance to see 1000 of Camels participate in the Camel Festival in southern of Mongolia. One of our most popular festivals in winter is two-humped Thousand Bactrian Camel Festival. This Festival has been organized every since 1997 in the Gobi Desert. Another wonderful and amaizing nature, the frozen world ice festival has been organized since 2002 in the Northern Mongolia, Khuvsgul Lake.  There are cultural activities hold such as ice skating, horse sledging race, ice sumo and traditional mongolian winter game ancle bone shooting on the ice and competitions. Nomadic reindeer herders and shamans show off their cultural performances, such as arts, music and shaman rituals.